Sunday, February 16, 2014


As I start out this class, I am expecting to learn a lot about virtual worlds, and their impact on society and the people that use them. Currently, I am very unfamiliar with vitural world, blogs, and twitter.  I did not have an account on any of these social media sites before this course.  Because of my lack of understanding in the virtual worlds, I hope for this course to be a learning experience for me on how to use virtual worlds, how they are helpful or harmful, and how it has impacted what we do and how we interact.  I expect working with others in a virtual setting, as opposed to a face-to-face setting, to be a little challenging, but I am anxious to see how it works out.

I am excited to be working and interacting with the DIT students.  I am very curious and interested in hearing if virtual worlds/social media have had the same effects in Ireland as they have in the United States. Since I have never worked with individuals out of the United States, I am hoping that this course will give me experience on how to work with people from different cultures and countries.

As an end result of this class, I am hoping to get a better understand of the virtual world and how it can be used today.  I am hoping to get a holistic view of the world, since I do not have much knowledge on that topic now.  I am also hoping to learn how to work with others on projects in an alternative way.  Since Virtual worlds are still fairly new to our culture, I am hoping to take away some implications on how they could potentially be used in the future, or how they could be more efficiently used today.

I am a little nervous to be using SL for projects, interacting, and class because I am not used to working in that kind of environment, and am not familiar with it, but I am excited for the experience and will do my best!

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