Sunday, March 2, 2014

Places I Visited In SL

There are so many different places you can visit in SL that it was hard for me to decide where to go first!  

To get an idea of what destinations SL had to offer, I started out by clicking the "Destinations" button.  From there I chose to visit Oahu Vacation Resort.  Upon arriving at the resort, a  text box popped up with resort rules.  The rules are similar to what we would see at a resort today, such as no trespassing in rented vacation units, no public nudity or sex, no weapons, no spamming and no soliciting bites.  The resort had a lot to offer, such as wedding services, bar, surfing and beach shops.  I stopped in several of the shops and they were selling paintings.  I visited the beach during the night time, so there was not many people at the resort or on the beach.  

From there I decided to visit Freebie Island to see what freebies I could find.  While on the island I tried to find a new outfit, but most of the clothes were costume-ish or scandalous.  Also, I did not see any clothes for men.  Upon first entering the island there was an area where I could adopt a dog, which I was very tempted to do.  While I was looking at the clothes, someone asked if they could give me a vampire bite and make over my look.  I did not accept their request. 

Lastly, I visited Shabby Chic, which offered vintage styled clothing, accessories, and furniture.  This was interesting to me because I used to be a Fashion Merchandising Major and enjoy shopping/viewing vintage styled clothing.  I wanted to buy one of the dresses, but they were a little out of my price range. I think this will be a good place to keep in mind for our project because it is one of the more popular destinations and had some really interesting things to offer.


  1. So, can you see how Second Life could be used by fashion students??

  2. I definitely can see how Second Life could be used by fashion students. It seems that something important in SL is the appearance of avatars. For this reason, there is a wide range of clothes to choose from. Fashion students can use SL to view different types of fashion from different eras and styles. They are also able to get ideas from what SL has to offer, or even design their own apparel!