Sunday, May 4, 2014

Review of Report/Class

Overall, I thought this course was very interesting, not like anything I had experienced before.  Virtual worlds, and even social media, is not something that I am very involved in.  From experiencing the course, SL firsthand, and conducting research on virtual worlds for the project, I realized just how many capabilities there are with virtual worlds.  

Honestly, I found working in the virtual world to accomplish a project, not just for leisure, to be quite difficult.  It seemed difficult to communicate and get things accomplished without actually meeting with someone in person and seeing their facial reactions and body language.  The fact that I did not have access to a microphone could have also added to the complication and made communication even harder.  So, overall, I did not enjoy accomplishing work through the virtual world.

For our report, my group compared video games with virtual worlds and the implications for the two.  Each member of the group had a different area of the project to present.  As I mentioned earlier, I did not have access to a microphone, so my group decided to present through text, instead of vocally.  Unfortunately, a close family friend passed away the day before we were suppose to present, so I had to be with their family in their time in need during our presentation, and was not able to present.  Although this was an inconvenience for the group, I was able to send them my script to present for me since we were doing it in text.

Overall, for me, this was a great learning experience on a topic that I was not familiar with prior to the class.  I enjoyed the class and learning in an unconventional way.  Thanks and I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

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  1. Hey Lindsay, Im sorry to hear about your family friend's passing. I know that can be overwhelming particularly when coupled with trying to deal with all the other responsibilities of school and work. I thought your group did a great job presenting. It hadn't occurred to me before how the absence of a group member would affect the presentation in a virtual format. I think after seeing your groups presentation that there is a definite advantage to presenting in SL in this case, by sending your script to your team we were able to have the benefit of your perspective without you needing to be present. In my opinion I felt like the group was able to more seamlessly present all the materials in SL than if they had, had to do the same thing in a real life presentation.