Saturday, March 29, 2014

Virtual Reality-Group Project

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the purpose of my group's project is to compare video games (which usually have some type of task or quest) to virtual worlds (which usually consist of people just living, but in a virtual environment.)  When researching the topic, I came across this article on a new type of technology that could change virtual reality completely.

The article talks about this new type of gaming technology that you put over your eyes to view a t.v. screen.  This gives you the sensation that you are actually in an alternate universe.  You are also able to move around a do things within this alternate universe, such a climb up ladders by clawing at the air.  They mentioned in the article that one thing they found out quickly was that people will be unable to play fast paced games, or ones that are hard of the eyes because it makes the player physically ill.

Although this is only talked about in a gaming sense, I feel that it could also play a big role in virtual reality, such as for virtual worlds like SL.


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